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Ethernet is the most common type of connection computers use in a local area network (LAN). 
The forms of Ethernet are 10BaseT (speeds of up to 10mbps through a copper cable), 100BaseT (transfer speeds may get up to 100 mbps, and "Gigabit" Ethernet (with peak data transfer rates at 1000 mbps).

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Routers are devices that direct, or routes, data, voice or video signals from one path to another on a network.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a process of converting analog voice signals into digital form and sending them over the Internet or other data network.

Data traffic continues to grow each year.  Traditional transport services such as T-1 and DS-3 are being bundled into Ethernet pipes for delivery. Ethernet service has moved from the LAN environment out to the carriers for deployment. With this expansion comes a new breed of "Carrier Ethernet" equipment.  If you're looking for Ethernet transport, routers, bridges, or VOIP equipment, Phillips has it.

PCE Source carries Ethernet products by manufacturers such as Adtran, Telco Systems, Force 10, and Hatteras Networks.