Once power is converted to DC, it needs a way to be transferred to the individual pieces of equipment it powers.  These distribution devices have a number of names.  From large bays called BDFBs or BDCBBs, to smaller distribution devices such as fuse or circuit breaker panels, we have many different types in stock.

PCE Source carries an extensive line of power distribution products by manufacturers such as ABB (formally GE Energy & Lineage Power), Delta/Eltek, Emerson (Marconi), ADC, Telect, Hendry, Trimm, Peco II and others.

GE Critical Power

Emerson 801B Emerson 801B GE 5068 BDFB GE 5067 Mini
BDFB/BDCBB Micro BDFB/BDCBB 5068 BDFB 5067 - Mini


Emerson 801B
Emerson 801B

Fuse Panels / Circuit Breaker Panels

TE Fuse Panel Apex GMT Fuse Panel