Kits (including custom packing & labeling)

Another way to save time, money, and help the overall efficiency of your business is through customized kitting. We take frequently used items such as tools, clips, blocks, cables, lugs, etc, and create a kit with a single part number for ease of ordering. It may include new, used, refurbished or legacy materials or any combination that is required. This “kit” will be packaged, labeled and given its own unique part number and barcode.  Kitting will help you save time and money.  Here’s how:                                           

  • Single order point for multi-vendor purchases means one purchase order and one part number. Time saved and paperwork decreased.
  • The equipment is delivered when and where you need. All the materials will be delivered on time in a single shipment. Down time waiting on multiple deliveries eliminated. Lead times for startup reduced. Freight charges reduced.
  • Same day, next day, and pre-scheduled deliveries:  Your customized kit can be put on a delivery schedule or held until you need it. It can be shipped to one location or to multiple sites.
  • Less Paper Work: One invoice to pay instead of multiple.  One purchase order to send.
  • Inventory Reduction: Valuable inventory floor space will be cleared of multiple items. Time and money saved by reduced labor involved in picking inventory