Competitive Pricing with choices

Your company’s potential to make money relies on communication.  Communication with your customers, with your suppliers, or within your own organization must be lightning fast and reliable.

Your company’s potential to save money relies on building a telecom infrastructure that balances current needs with financially responsible choices.

The ever-evolving technology of communications makes it essential that your IT and communications managers stay educated on the latest communications criteria for your business needs.  Decisions on updating your current equipment, switching to a new technology, or finding replacement parts for an existing system require that your team members work with professionals with experience, knowledge, and resourcefulness within the telecom industry.

We take pride in giving unsurpassed customer service and technical support to our valued customers. Our sales team will use extensive knowledge of the current equipment and technologies available to assist you in finding the best solutions to enable voice, data, video or Internet communications. Our ability to supply you with new, unused, refurbished, used, or legacy equipment will allow you to update your network while staying within your budget constraints.

Leasing Plans Available

Financial and tax considerations sometimes makes it preferable for our customers to lease equipment.  We can accommodate these situations as well.  We lease new and refurbished equipment with flexible terms, with or without a purchase option.


Today’s rapidly changing business environment demands high degrees of responsiveness and flexibility.  When it comes to managing something as vital as your communications network, we believe you shouldn’t have to wait.  We continue to maintain one of the most modern shipping departments in the business.

Delicate electronic hardware demands delicate handling.  Our Shipping/Traffic department takes pride in its customized foam packaging system and attention to detail in sending out equipment so that it arrives intact and in sound working order. No matter the size, weight or configuration of the equipment you order through PCE Source, we can ship it quickly and in a cost efficient manner.


Our technical support doesn’t stop once your equipment is installed.  We will continue to work with you after you receive your equipment to ensure that it continues to operate smoothly.  If you need help for any reason, a quick and accurate response is just a phone call away and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days of the year.

If equipment purchased from us is sound but you still experience difficulty, we stand ready to help identify the problem and act as an advocate with your network provider.  After equipment warranty periods expire, we will work with you to create an equipment maintenance agreement that meets your needs.

WARRANTY - PCE Source generally warrants equipment to commercial customers for a period of two (2) years.  If equipment fails within the two year period, PCE Source will repair or replace equipment based on availability. If equipment is not repairable and replacements are unavailable, PCE Source will refund the full purchase price. For new equipment, manufacturer’s warranty applies.  Each manufacturer may have different terms regarding returns, exchanges, and advanced replacement, and PCE Source will abide by those terms. For our reseller customers, the manufacturer’s warranty will apply for new equipment, and all other equipment will carry a standard 90 day warranty.