Complete Systems

PCE Source can design a complete telecom power system for your site.  Whether it’s -48VDC, +24DVC, or 130VDC, by providing us with the basic needs, we can configure a system to meet your specifications…from 10 Amps to 10,000 Amps.  We carry the latest systems by ABB (formally GE Critical Power), Delta/Eltek (formally Valere), and Emerson (Marconi). In addition, we can supplement used or new surplus gear into the configuration to reduce cost.  All systems are tested prior to shipment and carry an extensive warranty to provide peace of mind.


GE Critical Power

GPS-4848 Infinity D CPS-6000 SPS



Valere Integrated Valere Compact Flatpack 2


Netsure 802 Netsure 801 Lorain LVS Netsure 701

Netsure 502